Before you register, please read through our 'Volunteer Information Sheet'. This details in simple terms what it means to volunteer for 'Join dementia research'.

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Choose your login details

Choose your username and password, so that you can update your personal information (and/or for the person you are signing up on behalf  of). 

If you don't have an email address, please contact us.

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(Please note you need to be a UK resident and over the age of 18 to register)


Personal information

Just answer a short set of essential questions so that we will be able to do a basic match with any appropriate studies. 

If you are signing up on behalf of someone else, it is your contact details that you will need to provide first.



Confirmation email

Confirm that the email address you have provided belongs to you. Then you can login to your account and view any studies you have matched.



  Additional information

The more information we have, the better able we are to match you with suitable studies. 

If you do decide to complete the additional questions on the website, you may be asked for the following information:


  • NHS number
  • GP name, surgery name, address
  • Medication details
  • Date when your symptoms first began
  • Family / Carer details
  • Cognitive scores  


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