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Over 25 million people in the UK have a friend or family member with dementia.


We are trying to make a difference through medical research.  Help by signing up now.

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How will signing up benefit me?

Dementia research is important. It can help people living with the condition now, as well as helping to prevent people from developing dementia in the future.

Everybody diagnosed with a form of dementia should have a chance to discover, get involved and participate in dementia research.

Join Dementia Research provides that chance, and can connect you to dementia research studies taking place across the UK. 


Taking part in dementia research

Taking part in a research study can take many forms depending on the type of research.

Many patients find that taking part in a clinical research study is a very interesting and rewarding experience.

It is always important to talk over any potential advantages and disadvantages with your doctor/nurse or a healthcare professional. 

You can read stories from people who took part in research on the 'Your stories' page.