Policies and Procedures

Freedom of Information and Subject Access Requests

In accordance with the Data Protection Act (2018), any individual whose data is being processed by Join Dementia Research can ask to see this information.

Freedom of Information or Subject Access Requests (PDF).

published 15/02/2016

Complaints Procedure 

We take complaints about our work, staff and levels of service very seriously.

Information on how to make a complaint (PDF).

published 15/02/2016

Password Policy

Your password must be at least 8 characters long and should contain at least one uppercase letter (A-Z), at least one lowercase letter (a-z), and one numeric character (0-9).

Password policy (PDF), which explains best practice standards including how complex passwords should be and how often they should be changed.


published 15/08/2018

Destruction of Data Process

If you decide you do not want to remain on the service, this document explains the process of removing your information from the Join Dementia Research database.

Destruction of Data Process (PDF). 

published 15/02/2016